International Women’s Day in IT in CTS

26. June 2018

Did you know today (April 26, 2018) is International Women's Day in IT? The Czech Republic has a share of about 7% of women employed in IT at the end of the European ranking, but in our CTS it is over 30%! Our colleague Jinka gave us a brief interview about what she likes about us.

What are you doing and how long are you in the current position?

I am currently working as a tester at CTS, and in the future I would like to move on to the analysis because I am tempted to link testing and analysis. I started here in early 2018, so I'm constantly learning and receiving new information, I enjoy it very much. It's a varied job and my colleagues are always willing to help, which is great.

How did you get into the IT world and what did you do before?

I previously worked at a bank where I tested the systems when they were deployed. After implementation, it was no longer the job, the workload began to be stereotypical and I wanted a change. My friend sent me an ad, and because I already knew CTS, I decided to try it.

What do you like best about CTS?

I do not know how to describe it correctly so it does not sound like a cliché, but I like the family atmosphere or friendly approach. It's open here.

How do you see the position of women in IT?

Personally, I do not see any difference in work whether the IT specialist is a woman or a man. Today, it is perhaps an advantage for girls that some employers are enthusiastically welcoming to balancing the teams. I see this as an opportunity for girls to get into this area.

Thank you very much for the interview

You're welcome