Custody Web

One system for modern automation of custody services.

The main domain of the Custody Web application is the complex automation of custody services. It offers a uniform way of managing securities and entering instructions.

Custody Web is an application for end clients of the custody department and mainly for non-banking institutions without access to the SWIFT network

Automation and Digitization of Custody Services

The state-of-the-art Custody Web application is a cutting-edge product for managing custody services and helps our customers automate routine tasks related to the management and safekeeping of securities and digitalize custody services.

Custody Web is a standalone solution that can be integrated with any third-party systems, but preferably with the CTS Platform. In addition to the product itself and its integration into the customer's environment, we offer support and development services. We not only guarantee strict SLAs and performance criteria for all our products, but also monitor the market to bring innovative changes to each product.


Web Custody Features

The user-friendly web application offers:

  • An easy-to-navigate dashboard with total cash flow, managed investment accounts and transactions, a chart mapping the distribution of investment accounts, a calendar of corporate events and more,
  • Real-time overview of securities on investment account,
  • giving instructions for the settlement of securities trades and transfers, deciding how to deal with corporate events (events related to the holding of securities such as profit shares, withdrawals, mergers, etc...),
  • an overview of transactions,
  • information on securities, including market prices,
  • an overview of upcoming corporate events, including a calendar view,
  • audit and K4O system, notes system,
  • available in multiple languages and easy localisation into other languages.

Modern technology and high quality delivery

Custody Web provides a unified system for entering instructions with real-time data on open positions. The possibility of multi-level integration to third-party systems is also a great benefit.

  • The basic communication model uses asynchronous message queues,
  • It is possible to replace this communication model with, e.g., REST as part of customization.

During the development of Custody Web, we focused on UX and interactivity to make the application intuitive for users and in line with the principles of Material Design. We develop our product frontends on the latest technologies, they are responsive and adapt to different devices - computer, tablet, phone, and at the same time they work on the most used browsers such as MS Edge, Google Chrome, Safari.


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