FIX Engine

Integration component for communication via the FIX protocol.

The FIX Engine is a cutting-edge component designed for the fast and secure exchange of trading information between banks, exchanges, investment funds, and other market participants via the FIX protocol.

Thanks to the FIX Engine, trading messages such as instructions, trade confirmations, price information, and other relevant financial data are transmitted in real-time. This enhances efficiency, transparency, and the speed of transactions.


How Does the FIX Engine Work?

The FIX Engine is an independent component that enables fast, efficient, and transparent communication using the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol, setting the standard for electronic communication in financial services.

The component allows the linking of local trading systems in the investment area with external partners through a standard interface. It also enables the implementation of specific integration requirements. The FIX Engine automates communication over FIX connections as both initiator and acceptor, ensuring message flow consistency within a FIX session.

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FIX Engine Component Technology

The FIX Engine component is an application service that runs on .NET 7.0 runtime and utilizes MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL databases for data storage. It can operate on Windows or Linux OS, supporting the .NET 7.0 runtime and can be provided as a Docker image.

The FIX Engine component is cloud-native and can be operated in the cloud environment of any provider (AWS, Azure, OpenShift). It can also be deployed on-premise.


Use Cases 

Leveraging the FIX Engine simplifies and automates trading communication across various platforms and markets. Whether it's connecting to global exchanges, integrating with trading platforms, or collaborating with brokers, the FIX Engine is your key to unlocking the world of modern trading.

  • Connections to exchanges - PSE, XETRA, BVB
  • Integration with trading platforms - Bloomberg EMSX
  • Connections to brokers - Interactive Brokers, RBI a další.

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