Fund Depositary

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This product is intended to provide system support to fund depositaries of collective investment and pension insurance funds. In particular, it provides control activities on the valuation of funds and the composition of the fund's assets.

How the system works

The system supports the following functionalities:

  • records of all assets of the fund including its changes in time (transactions),
  • market revaluation of the fund's assets to verify that the fund's assets are valued at fair value,
  • calculation and verification of collected fees and net asset value per issued share of so-called nett asset value (NAV),
  • carrying out checks on the limits and structure of the fund assets according to the law and the fund rules
  • Pre-transaction checks


Advantages of the system

Excellent parametrisation

Definable user parameters for performing legal controls, market valuation of assets and parameters that influence the process of control of individual funds. Easily combine partial legal / statutory controls into fund-specific control sets.

Automatic notifications

Users have the ability to automatically send control results internally within the depositary and to relevant investment/pension companies

Process automation

With one click, CTS performs the entire fund control process, from market valuation, calculated by NAV to checking the composition of assets under the law and fund rules


Fund Depositary uses identical data to other CTS modules. There is no need to worry about the management of securities, market prices, etc. Open transactions (trades and corporate actions) of individual funds can be loaded into the Depositary module and used for checking.

The Fund Depositary module may also be implemented as a stand-alone application.

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