A Czech supplier if IT products and SW solutions for the fiels of investment banking and finance.

We deliver cutting-edge investment management products and customised software solutions which help our customers digitalise their investment services. Our flagship product is the flexible CTS platform. Our customers are banking institutions of all sizes and securities traders. Within the framework of Solution Delivery and custom development, we design and implement customised solutions for our clients and we also offer Co-Sourcing of our IT specialists.

We not only guarantee strict SLAs and performance criteria for all our solutions, but also monitor the market to bring innovative changes to each project. Our company has been operating on the market since 2013, is based in Prague and provides all services throughout the Central European region from there.

CTS Platform

The CTS platform has been providing comprehensive investment management services since 2008. Over the course of more than 15 years, we have integrated the CTS platform into a variety of environments, migrating massive amounts of data. In banks of all sizes. All this experience is then incorporated into our platform. And because we continue to develop CTS together with our customers, we are able to offer a wide range of new functionalities which support the trends towards digitalisation and automation of IT investment services in banks and beyond.

CTS offers a unique mix of IT and business functionalities. The platform is tried and tested by our clients on a daily basis and we are certain that it will make the grade, not only with large clients where high demands for performance, flexibility or high availability are commonplace, but also with smaller clients where it will offer a stable basis for their further growth without the need to implement multiple applications.

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Quality without compromise

Main advantages of the CTS platform

We have a long line of successful CTS implementations. We have integrated CTS in various environments, including data migration. In banks large and small. All this experience is incorporated into our platform. And as we continue to develop CTS together with customers, we offer a range of new features that support digitization and IT automation trends in more than just banks. CTS offers a unique mix of business functionalities. The platform is proven on a daily basis in use by our clients and we know it is ready to serve large clients who have their own demands on performance, flexibility and high availability, as well as smaller clients while delivering them a stable foundation to support their continued growth without the need to implement more applications.

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An all-in-one platform supporting your growth.

High performance, availability and flexibility without compromise.

"Cost sharing" model: Reduced operating and development costs.

Quality comes first. Solution proven by market leaders.

Solution Delivery

Solutions tailored to suit the needs of your business.

We offer our clients custom development in the field of solution design, architecture, software development and implementation, including follow-up support. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive solution and ensure the successful delivery of high-quality software which meets the needs and expectations of the customer.




We can provide top IT experts for you.

Our goal is to deliver the top IT professionals you need for your business and innovation. We focus on providing IT professionals according to specific needs and specifications. Co-Sourcing with CTS TRADE IT is based on long-term cooperation, a flexible approach, high quality and mutual trust.



CTS TRADEIT in numbers

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