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We combine the worlds of IT and business and thanks to our strong and long-term know-how, you can rely on us to be a truly sound partner for your projects.

Our primary domain is automation and digitalisation in the field of investment banking, but we will be happy to design and implement IT solutions for you in other areas as well.


Modern architecture

We offer development of cloud-native application components designed to run in cloud environments on technologies such as RedHat OpenShift, AWS, RedHat Linux, ASP.NET Core and PostgreSQL.

We use a microservices architecture which allows you to create and manage applications easily and efficiently. Microservices are independent and self-contained components which allow you to quickly and easily expand and upgrade your solution without having to modify the rest of the system. This enables faster development, deployment and maintenance of your applications and increases the overall efficiency of your business.


Analysis and testing

Apart from automated integration testing, we also use fully automated regression testing with .Net and NUnit technologies.

Automated regression testing is a key tool for ensuring software quality and successful deployment of new functions into the production environment. They make it quick and easy to verify that code changes have not affected existing functionality and that all of the processes in the system are still working as they should.


We create web frontends for our clients which focus on UX using Material Design and interactivity. We develop frontends on state-of-the-art technologies such as React JS and GraphQL to make use of the application intuitive and easy for users. Our FEs are responsive and adapt to different devices, as well as being multiplatform, i.e. they work on the most commonly used browsers such as MS Edge, Google Chrome and Safari.

The responsiveness of web interfaces is a key factor for user satisfaction and the success of our clients. Performance optimisation is therefore an essential part of developing frontend solutions.


Support a Maintenance

Professional support and maintenance are key factors in maintaining the quality and performance of your product. Outages, errors and delays can have a fatal impact on your business. We guarantee our customers high-quality support on the Jira Helpdesk platform.

Our experienced analysts are able to quickly find the error and suggest a change or fix. We are here for you as experienced business partners with experience from the largest banks in the CEE region and can resolve all of your requirements quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our resources and expertise, we are able to respond to any challenge and ensure that your product is always functional and free from any problems.

High quality of deliveries

We use Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) to deploy changes in smaller functional blocks, automated and in real time. This allows you to deliver changes faster and shorten the time-to-market of delivered functionalities.

Automation improves the quality of delivery, allowing errors to be quickly detected and corrections to be deployed. It also reduces the risk of errors caused by manual operations.


Foto CTS 01 (6)

CTS TRADE IT was chosen by 42 Financial Services for a large-scale project to implement a new core system supporting commercial development of OTF. The aim of the project was to replace the existing outdated system with a new IT solution which will increase process automation, meet regulatory requirements and be integrated with the trading platform for IDB products which is currently being prepared.

CTS TRADE IT successfully managed to achieve the objective in in 42 Financial Services, i.e. of creating a new core system, automating and digitalising key business processes. The new system significantly speeded up loading of instructions and transactions from 42FS trading platforms and, thanks to automation, significantly reduced the risk of errors during settlement of transactions.

“Our company 42FS is built on innovation and constant improvement. We are therefore delighted to be able to introduce such a modern and powerful trading system which meets the needs of our clients and is fully responsive to the ever-increasing regulatory requirements.”

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