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CTS training is focused on the field of investment, securities trading, banking and IT. Are you interested to learn what trading, settlement, portfolio management and other areas mean in practice? , co představuje v praxi trading, settlement, portfolio management a další oblasti? 

Our training courses will give you in-depth insight into the latest IT trends in investment banking, such as cloud computing and other technologies.


Basic concepts in the field of investment banking

This one-day training course will introduce you to investment banking and provide you with a basic orientation in the organisation and functioning of the capital market. During the training course, you will not only learn the basic principles of investment instruments and stock exchange trading practices, but also gain insight into the motivations and actions of market participants in relation to current investment theories.

You will gain an understanding of asset allocation models, the importance of the capital market and its structure. 

Price: CZK 9,900.00 / person



Trends and innovations in the world of IT and investment banking

This training course focuses on providing participants with a deeper understanding of IT aspects in investment banking. During the training course, participants will be introduced to the latest trends and best practices in the field of IT in investment banking, such as cloud computing and its use in investment banking. As a result, they will be able to better understand and apply these technologies in their work environment.

Price: CZK 9,900.00 / person



Investment transactions and digital transformation

This training course will introduce participants to different types of investment transactions, including issue transactions which involve issuance of new securities, as well as secondary market transactions which deal with the purchase and sale of existing securities. Other topics covered in the training course include: asset management, financial engineering and custody transactions involving custody and management of securities, as well as and merger and acquisition brokerage. The training course will also focus on the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in the field of investment banking, as well as technology trends such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, etc.

Price: CZK 9,900.00 / person



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