G2C Integration platform

Many ideas. One platform.

Speed, modern technology and reliability - these are the advantages of the G2C (Gate-to-Core) communication layer.

G2C is a modern platform that allows you to connect your core investment banking system with a user interface (web or mobile app) to a large number of retail users.

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How the G2C Platform works

The Gate-to-Core (G2C) platform is designed to be maximally customizable for a given user interface and dynamically scalable to ensure high performance. It can be run on-premise or in the cloud to minimize costs.

  • Cloud native - The G2C platform is built with a cloud-first mindset and is ready for cloud deployment.
  • Auto-Scaling - Thanks to the API architecture, you can scale each service independently according to your current needs and avoid over-allocation of HW resources.
  • Kafka topics - communication with the core investment banking system is done through Kafka topics, allowing you to process huge volumes of data in real time.
  • Microservices - high level of modularity, simplifies updates, maintenance and scaling. Independent microservices enable faster development and deployment of new features, increasing the overall resilience and security of your system.
  • Optimized data model - The G2C platform uses an optimized data model customized for the needs of a specific user interface to maximize platform performance.


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G2C platform technology

The G2C platform is built on technologies that can be effectively used by all major cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, OpenShift.

Application components can be run in containers built on Linux or Windows OS that contain the .NET 6.0 runtime or higher. Containers can be deployed to cloud environments using Kubernetes or other automation tools.

The G2C platform uses a customized data model optimized for the needs of a specific user interface. Data is stored using MS SQL server or Postgres SQL database technologies.

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Implementation of the G2C Platform at CREDITAS Bank

The G2C communication platform allows CREDITAS Bank clients to conveniently invest online from anywhere via a mobile application.

Benefits of the G2C Platform

Modern technology

By integrating Kafka topics and microservices, G2C efficiently manages large volumes of data and ensures seamless communication between different services.

High performance and flexibility

With G2C, your organization gets a platform that is ready for growth without being constrained by your existing HW infrastructure. At the same time, the platform enables high availability.

Cost reduction

The microservices architecture accelerates the development and implementation of new features, and also saves costs. At the same time, the platform allows you to reduce operational costs by deploying in the cloud and scaling dynamically.


We tailor the G2C integration platform to the client's requirements and infrastructure to achieve maximum performance.

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