Retail and institutional investments.

Unleash the power of automation and digitalization in investment banking with our smart tradign platform. 

We cooperate with the largest banking institutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We cover both retail and institutional customers.

Maximize Trading Efficiency.

Unlock the full potential of your trading operations with CTS Broker, the driving force behind our cutting-edge platform. Seamlessly execute a diverse range of client orders, both automatically and manually, through a unified market access interface. Our system supports industry-standard communication protocols like FIX and SWIFT, ensuring smooth connectivity.

With CTS Broker, you gain direct market access to renowned trading systems like Xetra, as well as global trading platforms such as Bloomberg's EMSX and EMSxNET. You can even establish direct FIX connections, expanding your reach to new horizons.


Institutional Brokerage

We don’t make compromises in business.

CTS Platform - your key to market trading, settlement, reporting, and more.

  • DMA - the system permits implementation of the DMA service for direct connection markets such as Xetra.
  • Care Orders – the system includes functionalities that allow manual execution of care instructions such as VWAP, TWAP, Participate, etc. via a user interface that is uniform for all markets.
  • Market Making – the system includes functionalities that permit the execution of market maker functions or specialists for investment certificates.
  • FIX Order Gateway – a gateway for receiving trading orders via the FIX protocol. The gateway permits the receipt of orders from international trading platforms, such as Bloomberg (EMSX or EMSxNET) and ULLink.
  • Algo Trading – the system contains functionalities for algorithmic trading in the area of support for executing care instructions (VWAP, TWAP, etc.)


The system includes a modern web application enabling branch users to place trading orders and CSD instructions, generate client statements and the like.


A set of services (API) is available in the application thanks to which the system is able to easily and simply connect to different Internet platforms, such as Internet banking.

Smart Phone

A set of services (API) is available in the application thanks to which the system is able to easily and simply connect to different Internet platforms, such as mobile banking.

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Kamil Rataj, MBA

We’ve collaborated with CTS TRADE IT since 2017. Since the beginning of our cooperation, the company has helped up identify and implement solutions focused on our specific needs. The CTS System is a core application at the bank for our securities trading activities. I appreciate the fact that CTS TRADE IT provides us with a system and especially investment banking know-how.

Advantages of the system

All-in-one solution

All data is available in one place at a given point in time,

High performance, availability and flexibility without compromise

CTS is proven daily in use by market leaders. Both in front-office and back-office processes.

One platform. Multiple customers.

Development costs are shared with other customers. Today’s business is full of mandatory and regulatory changes. We distribute the costs across multiple implementations and you reap the savings.

Quality comes first.

It is critical that we deliver services with first-class quality over the long term and are unafraid to invest in quality.

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