CTS TRADE IT Supports Retail Investments in Česká spořitelna

14. December 2021

CTS TRADE IT has successfully expanded its CTS platform in Česká spořitelna. In addition to the corporate area, CTS now supports key retail investment processes.

CTS implementation for retail investments provides the bank with a modern platform that simplifies client service and creates a robust base for further development of the product range at Česká spořitelna, which is a market leader in collective investment.

In the retail investment segment, the CTS platform now supports one-off and regular investments in domestic and foreign funds, investments in bonds, premium deposits, government savings bonds and, last but not least, shares and other exchange-tradable instruments. Support for sales as a part of the branch network is handled by the user-friendly CTS WEB interface, which is implemented using the latest technology.

The solution includes integration with the bank’s key digital channels, in particular George mobile and internet banking. More than 800,000 client portfolios, where the value of the funds held exceeded CZK 180 bn, were migrated as a part of the project.

 “Česká spořitelna is number one on the Czech market in retail investments. In order to maintain our position, we have to focus more on using the latest technology. This was one of the reasons we decided to replace the old DON system, which we had used for almost 20 years, with the new CTS system. In the next few years, we will focus more and more on innovation in our digital range of investments and we want to continue to build on the CTS system in this area,” said Roman Choc, Tribe Lead Wealth Management, Česká spořitelna.

  “Successful migration of retail investments to the CTS platform is the result of a more than three-year project exceeding 10,000 man-days. We expanded CTS to support new products, we significantly increased the performance of the system, which can now process large volumes of transactions for the largest intermediary for investments in unit trusts in the Czech Republic. The project was unique in terms of size, the quantity of data migrated and the overall complexity of the solution realised. This makes me even happier with its result and I’m grateful for the valuable experience obtained, which we will make use of in future projects not only for Česká spořitelna,” added Tomáš Gavlas, CEO of CTS Trade IT.