CTS TRADE IT helps Slovenská sporiteľňa with on-line investments

6. February 2020

CTS TRADE IT successfully completed the integration of the CTS system into the new George Internet banking from Slovenská sporiteľňa. Clients now have the ability to control and manage their securities portfolios and invest simply and conveniently from home.

The connection of the CTS system to the next generation George Internet banking gives Slovenská sporiteľňa clients the ability to monitor and control their investments via the user-friendly George Internet banking interface. Currently they can place orders in real time to make investments into mutual funds, open an investment savings account and monitor the processing of their orders and completed investments online.

„As the largest digital bank in Slovakia, we strive to deliver modern services to our clients and expanding Internet banking options to include investing is undoubtedly one of them. I am proud that we are the first bank in Slovakia to give clients the ability to invest using an Internet application and without the need to visit a branch. This would not have been possible without the integration of the CTS system into our modern George banking system and without the professional cooperation with CTS TRADE IT”, said Milan Hain, COO and Member of the Board of Directors at Slovenská sporiteľňa with respect to the new functionalities.

The George Internet banking application is used by more than 800,000 users in Slovakia and Slovenská sporiteľňa is the largest provider of mobile banking services with more than 520,000 users in Slovakia. The CTS system, which helps the bank provide capital market investment opportunities to its clients over the Internet and eventually mobile applications in near future, has been operating at Slovenská sporiteľňa since 2010 and is a part of the bank’s key applications. "Every project that delivers innovations to our customers is very pleasing to us. This is all the more because the results of our joint work will be appreciated by end users, i.e. the bank's clients. Being part of the successful story that we have been writing with Slovenská sporiteľňa for the past ten years is a great commitment for us to continue to deliver the high quality of services we provide”, added Tomáš Gavlas, CEO of CTS TRADE IT.