CREDITAS Bank will be selling securities through the system provided by CTS Trade IT

8. October 2018

CTS Trade IT company specializing in development of solutions for investment products offered by large banking houses has acquired a new customer, CREDITAS Bank. Its CTS system shall be used by the bank as a complex tool for securities trading.
The CTS system will cover complete scope of bond sales in the bank. Furthermore, it will be extended with procedures covering participation certificates next year. The system will enable CREDITAS Bank to access the Central Securities Depositary and also keeping the following ISB records.
A new CTS website platform will be implemented to the bank’s branches. This platform provides features for entering market orders including evaluation of the client’s investor questionnaire and providing a suitable and adequate product.
A robust solution will be implemented at the bank’s headquarters. This solution will be processing execution and settlement of trades, generating accounting operations to the bank central system, processing corporate operations connected to possession of securities, and last but not least, it will be providing daily regulatory reporting.
The CTS TRADE IT system is compliant with European directives requirements, such as GDPR or MiFID II.
“Extending our services to sales of securities is a great step ahead for us. That is why we needed a reliable system covering the complete scope of trading, and at the same time, comprehensible to all bank employees. I am convinced that the CTS Trade IT company will help us to broaden our portfolio of services rendered to our clients especially when it comes to investments, where it has many years’ experience,” says Kamil Rataj, Deputy Chairman of the Board in Creditas Bank.

Tomáš Gavlas, CTS Trade IT Chairman of the Board, adds: “I am glad that we were chosen as a partner by Creditas Bank. Mainly, I see it as a commitment to not slacken in our effort to provide high quality services. I am looking forward to our cooperation with Creditas Bank and I believe in its long-term success.”