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A smart solution for the distribution of government savings bonds at bank branches and at head office.

Unique solution of GSB at CTS

GSB Platform is ready to distribute Government Saving Bonds

The CTS system enables contractual distributors of the Ministry of Finance (MoF CR) to handle work related to the distribution of government bonds in full. This solution covers both comprehensive service of end clients by a banking advisor in the branch system and support for processing of requests from individual departments in the distributor’s back office.

Thanks to the intuitive WEB FE platform, advisors are able to automatically communicate with the Central Securities Depositary (CSD) and, based on available results, proceed with the process of serving a client. This solution covers multi-level assessment of verification of registration and updating of client data in the separate MoF Records in the CSD. Depending on the result and the available GSB position on a client’s asset account in the CSD, it is possible to input both primary requests related to the acquisition of and payment for GSB, as well as secondary transfers and additional services, including arranging statements of an asset account, electronic access, etc.

Individual departments in the distributor’s back office have a much wider range of functionalities to support processing. They include, in particular, administration of individual issues, administration of clients and their client requests, the option of charging for requests, definitions of accounting schemes, reporting, DWH, etc.

CTS GSB is designed as an independent module, which simplifies the solution’s deployment.



Roman Choc

Česká spořitelna is the leader in retail investments on the Czech market. To maintain our position, we need to focus more on using the modern IT technologies. This was one of the reasons why we decided to replace the old DON system, which had been in use in Česká spořitelna for almost 20 years, with the new CTS system. In the coming years, we will increasingly concentrate on innovation in our digital investment offering and we intend to build on the CTS system in this area.

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